Brewer Protesters Claim Government Abuse

June 19, 2011

, KSAZ-10 Fox News Phoenix

Medical marijuana patients and their supporters staged a rally outside Governor Brewer's office Monday.

They're calling for the governor to drop a lawsuit the state filed against the federal government over the legality of Prop 203.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, and the state wants the feds to clarify whether or not they will prosecute those involved with medical marijuana.

The Department of Health Services is not accepting applications for dispensaries while the case is pending.

"I mean I always supported governor brewer and I just can't believe that, I mean the voters voted it, she would disregard the vote," says Noble Ekdahl from Americans for Safe Access.

"People worked for a long time to pass this vote and open up dispensaries its such a complex and complicated thing that this is just one more wrench that we have to overcome," says June Fish from Americans for Safe Access.

"We're not criminals we're patients. There are a lot of people who are helped by it, cancer victims, and I think that we should have access to it legally instead of making patients criminals," says Bruce Cohen, a medical marijuana patient.

The state is still issuing medical marijuana certifications.

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