Government Backs BC Marijuana Company

October 05, 2005

, Halifax Live

The Province of British Columbia and several national health groups are supporting PhytoCan, a BC cannabis pharmaceutical company. On behalf of Honourable Premier Gordon Campbell, the Executive Director of BC PharmaCare Heather Davidson comments "Cannabinoids and cannabidioids offer significant avenues for medication development in a number of areas... I wish PhytoCan Pharmaceuticals success in developing products."

Eric Nash, President of PhytoCan states, "The strong endorsement PhytoCan is receiving continues to open doors for market share of our organic medical cannabis products."

Among the non-profit groups supporting PhytoCan are the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian AIDS Society, the MS Society of Canada and The Arthritis Society.

Using BC grown Island Harvest™ certified organic medical cannabis, PhytoCan is developing and producing a range of effective products for the rapidly expanding plant-based pharmaceuticals market.

Wendy Little and Eric Nash became Canada's first certified organic medical cannabis growers in November of 2002. They grow several Sativa and Indica strains, and ship cannabis to their patients at a cost of $100. cdn. per ounce to government-approved users of medical marijuana.

Health Canada allows only a very limited number of patients to acquire their potent B.C. grown certified organic bud and the initial application process for patients who wish to be part of the program is difficult, arduous and time-consuming.

An applicant must fit into at least one of the 3 categories spelled out by Health Canada:

1.) Patients who are terminally ill with a prognosis of less than 1 year to live;

2.) Patients who have been diagnosed and suffer from severe pain and/or muscle spasms associated with these conditions:
-Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
-Spinal Cord Injury
-Spinal Cord Disease
-Severe forms of arthritis
-Seizures associated with epilepsy.

3.) Patients who do not fit into Categories 1 or 2 but experience symptoms of a diagnosed medical condition where conventional treatments have failed to offer relief.

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