Medical marijuana advocates spread pot seeds

February 15, 2004

Associated Press, The Mercury News

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Medical marijuana advocates spread pot seeds on the lawn of City Hall to protest a proposal to tighten restrictions on what have been called 'Oaksterdam' cannabis clubs.

Two dozen self-described medical marijuana patients dressed in gardening attire took part in the demonstration Sunday in Frank Ogawa Plaza.

On Tuesday, City Council members will consider a proposal to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries to four, ban pot from being consumed on the premises and reduce the number of plants a patient can grow for personal medicinal use from 72 to 18.

Protesters said the proposed restrictions would force medical marijuana users to use their doses in the streets rather than in controlled settings at dispensaries.

Police officers paid little attention to the hour-long protest. State law makes it illegal to cultivate marijuana, but medical marijuana card holders are given latitude.

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