Medical Marijuana Shop Opens In Roseville

January 31, 2004

Liz Keptner , Fox40 KTXL

ROSEVILLE -- Roseville has its shops and cages and now it has its own pot shop.
Store owner, Richard Marino talks to his customers about the quality of his product, and says, 'Really, really good. Good type buds, good for appetite and pain.'

That's right. Capitol Compassionate Care is a medicial marijuana store.

Marino says, 'Ok sir, here's your medicine.. you're quite welcome, enjoy and to good health.'

Marino says, 'I went through about 20 different places before I found this, sympathetic and offered to give me a chance.'

Roseville Resident Bob Rubio isn't very happy with the store's presence in his city.

Bob Rubio says, ' Well, this is the old part of town here, I believe it should be done across town.'

But, local police tell Fox 40, Richard has every right to be there. He is in no violation of any city, municipal or state ordinances.

Sgt. Ned Rosenbrook of the Roseville Police Dept. says, 'Selling pot, everybody knows why it's controversial, but yet we are protected under our constitution that we have a right to open these things up.'

And for those who need medical marijuana, it's a welcomed sight.

Roseville business owner Bruce Stroud suffered from arthritis.

Stroud says, 'I've tried all other kinds of medication that really helps me for sleep... I cannot sleep.'

Rich Marino says, 'People are excited we're here and that they can come safely, buy their marijuana at a reasonable price, they don't have to go out and buy it on the street.'
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