Medicinal Marijuana Store Opens in Roseville

February 01, 2004

, News10 KXTV

Patients whose doctors write them a prescription for marijuana no longer have to go to the Bay Area to get it. The first store-front cannabis club in the capital area opened in Roseville last week. With proper identification and a verified doctor's prescription, Richard Marino will sell you whatever he has in stock at the Capitol Compassionate Care store. 'Business is fantastic right now,' said Marino. 'There's a lot of happy customers, a lot of happy people in Sacramento, Roseville, Placerville, that this place is open.'

One patients, who asked to be identified only as 'Jen,' said marijuana eases her pain, but until now she was never sure what she was getting. 'I have to go to someone who is on the street,' Jen said. 'The pot might be laced with God knows what.'

Federal officials say they may eventually try to shut the place down, but the Roseville police say as long as the store operates under the rules of Proposition 215, the medicinal marijuana measure, they have no problem with it.

Neither, do many of the other nearby businesses. 'I walked over there to take a look at the shop myself and they've got a menu there of what's available,' said Dan Foster of Great America Mortgage. 'They ask for IDs and a medical notice. I think it's a good thing.'

A recent survey showed legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is growing in acceptance among Californians. The Field Poll, released Friday, revealed that 74 percent of Californians favor legal protections for patients who use marijuana to cope with illnesses.

Marino said that first he planned on opening in Sacramento County, but the district attortney there advised him against it. He hopes that once other communities see that he is operating a respectable business, they will welcome him.

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