Canada court rejects supply limit on medical pot

January 10, 2008

, Canadian Press

A Federal Court judge has struck down a government regulation that prevents medical marijuana growers from producing the drug for more than one patient.

The decision by Judge Barry Strayer essentially grants medical marijuana users more freedom in picking their own grower, rather than relying on the government as a supplier.

Medical marijuana patients had argued that the restriction was unfair and prevented seriously ill Canadians from obtaining the drug they needed to treat their debilitating illnesses.

Currently, medical users can grow their own pot, but growers cannot supply the drug to more than one user at a time.

Lawyers for the medical users argued that restriction effectively established Health Canada as the country's sole legal provider of medical marijuana.

They complained the drug provided by the government was substandard and did not meet the needs of many patients who use it to treat chronic ailments, alleviating pain and other suffering, that other conventional medications do not.

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