Where are they now? 'Lisa,' 62-year-old medical marijuana patient

January 01, 2008

, Albuquerque Tribune (NM)

"Lisa" is still battling to stay alive.

At 78 pounds, the AIDS patient is in constant pain. The disease has eaten away at her teeth and jaw and her medication makes her nauseated almost constantly.

The only thing still keeping her together, sane and alive, she said, is that the state has given her a license to use and grow her own medical marijuana.

"Without the marijuana, life is not even bearable," she said.

The state's ability to protect medical marijuana patients and come up with a way to supply them with the drug remains in flux however, which adds stress to her situation, Lisa said.

"The state's doing the best it can, but there's a lot of bureaucracy," she said.

She remains afraid to use her real name in print, because people might come by her house looking for drugs. And she's afraid the federal government could knock in her door and take her supply at any time.

But as ever, she remains a fighter.

"I'm hangin' in," she told The Tribune on New Year's Eve.

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