Ukiahan seeks to overturn Measure G

December 26, 2007

Mike A\'Dair, Willits News (CA)

Local television producer Jimmy Rickel has taken a bold step to answer former Congressman Dan Hamburg's challenge to put Measure G up to a vote.

Measure G is the county voter initiative that declared prosecuting the cultivation of marijuana would be the lowest priority for county law enforcement, and in no case would local law enforcement arrest and no district attorney would prosecute anybody for growing 25 or fewer marijuana plants.

It was approved by 58 percent of the voters in November 2000.

Rickel has authored and has secured permission to circulate an initiative petition called Sensible Medical Marijuana (SSM).

According to him, SSM does four things:

1. It overturns Measure G.

2. It sets the plants limits for growing medical marijuana at Senate Bill 420 levels, namely, six mature and 12 immature medical marijuana plants.

3. It provides that "caregrivers", i.e., those who are growing medical marijuana, may not grow for more than four "patient cards" per year, per parcel.

4. It directs county government to figure out how to make certain doctors' recommendations for medical marijuana are for serious medical conditions only.

Rickel said the SSM initiative was approved for circulation on Nov.

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