County, City At Odds Over Medical Marijuana

December 27, 2007

, NBC San Diego

The city of San Diego joined the fight in support of medicinal marijuana Friday, issuing a request to the state court to confirm that ailing patients have the right to use the drug for medicinal purposes.

The county board of supervisors is challenging a decade-old law supported by California voters permitting use of the substance. The board said that federal law couldn't be overturned by state votes.

In response, the city has requested the state appeals court to confirm that medicinal marijuana is legal and that local governments should issue identification cards to qualified patients.

"This law has stood up in California for 11 years straight now, going on 12," medicinal marijuana user Rudy Reyes said. "They have yet to drop it or have an issue with it. If they had, they would have done it within the first five years."

Reyes said he felt the appeals court would likely support the medicinal marijuana users.

The appeals court could issue a ruling in the case in 2008, officials said.

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