A Federal Warning for Medical Marijuana Sellers

December 14, 2007

Henry Mulak, KCBS - TV (San Francisco)

The Drug Enforcement Administration has sent out a new batch of warning letters to Bay Area property owners who house medical marijuana dispensaries. Initially the letters went out to clubs in San Francisco and Sacramento, but have now also been distributed in the East Bay.

“We did send out approximately 80 letters to property owners in 15 counties in Northern California where suspected marijuana distribution centers were operating,” said Casey McEnry with the DEA's San Francisco Office.

The letters warn that it's against the law to allow the sale of a controlled substance from someone's property.

Word of this new batch of letters sparked a protest in front of the Federal Building in Oakland.

The DEA upholds federal law, and does not recognize California's proposition 215, legalizing pot for medicinal use.

Listen   KCBS' Henry Mulak reports Henry Mulak

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