DEA Focuses on Oakland Pot Clubs

December 22, 2007

, KCBS - TV (San Francisco)

The mayor of Oakland is taking a stand against federal agents sending what he says are threatening letters to landlords that rent property to medical-marijuana clubs. 

Saying that the letters undermine local authority, and state law, Mayor Ron Dellums is calling on his former colleague, Michigan representative John Conyers, to investigate the Drug Enforcement Administration letters. Dellums has the support of local cannabis activists.

”These kind of broad blunderbuss threats from the DEA really interfere with, and undermine local efforts to regulate these dispensaries and make sure that patients are served properly, while community interests are protected,” said Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Bruce Mirken.

San Francisco DEA Special Agent in Charge Javier Pena issued a written statement saying the letters were sent as a courtesy to landlords informing them of the suspected medical-marijuana dispensaries operating on their property.

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