Police Ordered to Return Marijuana

November 28, 2007

, Dogflu (Canada)

It is being reported that a California Appeals Court has ordered Garden Grove police to return marijuana to a man after taking it from him during a routine traffic stop.

The man was stopped back in 2005 for running a stop sign. When asked if he had any illegal drugs in his possession he was honest with police, who instead of knowing the law, cited him for possession, as well as a traffic violation.

The court ruled that enforcing of federal drug laws did not supersede the state’s allowance of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Felix Kha, the man in question had a doctor's prescription for the drug which he used for treating chronic pain.

In Court, Kha pleaded guilty to the traffic violation, and asked for his marijuana to be returned.

“He had to go to court three times to get this order,” said Kha's lawyer. “When the police have no probable cause to believe that people are violating state law, they shouldn’t be seizing their medical marijuana or citing them."

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