Medical Marijuana

November 09, 2007

Rachel Aissen, WMBD/WYZZ TV (IL)

Making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes is a heated debate across the U.S. The Illinois Congress recently took on the issue and now a film maker is asking Illinoisans to take a second look through his documentary "Waiting to Inhale."

Film maker Jed Riffe said, "Being able to see does it work or doesn't it work scientifically I wanted to see."

Jed Riffe says that's why he took on the issue in his documentary "Waiting to Inhale. "

In the film Mae Nutt said, "I asked him if he heard of anything about patients using marijuana."

"I meet patients who were able to get off heavy opiates," said

A law before the Illinois Senate recently addressed the issue.

Illinois Compassion Action Network Director, John Walker said, "The law would have decriminalized the use of medical marijuana."

The law failed in the senate by eight votes. Currently only 13 states have legalized medicinal marijuana.

"If the doctor gave patients a prescription the would take it to the state to get an id card," said Walker.

Opponents say legalizing the drug for medicine is just one step closer to legalizing it for everyone.

"Our goal is to get medicine to patients that need it not to get it on the streets," said Walker.

Doctors haved developed a pill form of marijuana called Marnol that acts to  help with appetite.

"Synthetic THC pill is only one of a combination of 140 substance in marijuana and has the best benefit," said Riffe.

The film takes on all these issues and shows the lives of patients seeking treatment.

In the film Mae Nut said, "He said dying can not be worse than this.."

"This is an issue about people. Helping these people get the medication. They need our help and support," said Walker.

The film tour continues Sunday Nov. 11th at in Normal at Illinois State University, Schroeder Hall, Room 138.

Champaign Monday Nov. 12th
Illinois Disciplies Foundation, Wisgarver Hall
610 E. Springfield Ave.
Champaign County Healthcare Consumers.

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