County Planning Commission debates medical marijuana dispensary in Templeton

October 28, 2007

Stacy Daniel, KSBY - NBC TV 6 (San Luis Obispo)

The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission weighs the pros and cons of having a medical marijuana dispensary in Templeton.

At a meeting this morning, the board's discussion didn't get far before they voted to address the matter at a later date.

If the dispensary is approved, it would be located in a business complex on Ramada Drive in Templeton.

Two people spoke out against having a pot dispensary in town.

"Medical marijuana use, or any marijuana use violates federal law and there's a lot of secondary problems that come along with these types of dispensaries that I don't want  to see in my community or any community near mine," said Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon.

There were no medical marijuana supporters who spoke at the meeting.

The Planning Commission is scheduled to discuss the issue next year at their January 10 meeting.

In today's Action News web poll:

Do you think San Luis Obispo County should approve a new medical marijuana dispensary in Templeton? 

Yes  54%

No   46%

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