St. George Mayor Admits To Marijuana Use

October 24, 2007

Chris Regnier, KTVI - MyFox St. Louis (MO)

St. George Mayor Harold Goodman admits to Fox 2 that there was marijuana in his apartment when cops arrested him there Monday.

This comes as questions still swirl about why St. Louis County Police were at Goodman's apartment in the first place.

After a meeting Wednesday afternoon, St. George city leaders announced that Goodman is on an indefinite leave of absence.

But we're told the 64 year old former police officer who was elected in April of last year has not resigned.

Goodman was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

Goodman refused an on camera interview, but he told Fox 2 on the phone that the small amount of marijuana discovered by police had been in his apartment for at least two years and that he used it for medicinal purposes.

Goodman says he suffers from Crone's disease and at times smoked the marijuana to relieve his nausea and help him eat.

St. George Police Chief Scott Uhrig confirms St. Louis County Police were serving a search warrant on a different issue when they found the pot.

But he won't reveal what that other issue is.

 Uhrig said, "It's an ongoing investigation. Until they've either completed it or issued warrants we can't divulge any information regarding it."

Many people know St. George for a run-in this past September when a St. George Police sergeant berated a driver after a traffic stop.

The sergeant was fired.

Now, it's marijuana and the mayor- not the image this small town wants.

Acting Mayor Heather Hediger told us, "It does put a bit of a black eye on our city again. But is doesn't represent the citizens of this town. "

Officials say Goodman's legal troubles have nothing to do with St. George.

But some residents are concerned.

"There's a lot of stuff been going on that kind of at least to me is kind of strange and worries all my neighbors at least. They wonder what's going on with everything," resident Tim Warzel told us.

Fox 2 tried to get a copy of the search warrant that authorities served Monday.

But it's been sealed by the court.

Other court documents aren't yet available because warrants haven't been officially issued against Goodman.

He has been released pending any warrants.

A special meeting is set to take place at the St.GeorgeCity Hall Thursday night so city leaders can talk with residents about Goodman's situation. 

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