Pot Candy Dealer Turns Himself In

October 03, 2007

Katie Hammer, ABC7/KGO-TV

A man who makes edible marijuana products for medical patients turned himself in this morning to federal authorities after they raided his Oakland factory. He had a lot of supporters today at the federal courthouse in Oakland. Before heading to San Francisco to turn himself into federal authorities Michael Martin came to Oakland he was joined by a group of about 20 supporters who came to plead his case to the public.

Martin owns a manufacturing company that makes marijuana laced chocolates. He sells the candy to cannabis clubs.

He said he is doing nothing wrong but federal agents raided his business last week when he was out of town. They say they found more than 40 marijuana plants, a handgun, marijuana laced candy bars and cash. Martin hopes federal agents will stop raids on medical marijuana providers. He said his products have helped people with pain for several years.

"I stand here frightened and scared for my family. We are good people with good intentions and do not deserve to be vilified and blatantly lied about in order for the government to justify their moral unfounded assault on medical cannabis," said Michael Martin, Tainted Inc..

Three other people were arrested in last week's raid. Unlike California law, Federal law does not recognize medical uses for marijuana. If Martin is convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $1 million dollars.

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