Sheriff gets booed at Board of Supervisors pot meeting

August 20, 2007

, KGET TV17 (Bakersfield)

Sheriff Donny Youngblood got a chilly reception at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning.

Pro-pot people didn’t take kindly to the idea of keeping pot shops out of Kern County. Youngblood was booed by medical marijuana supporters when he said, “I think we need to say no to medical marijuana dispensaries in Kern County.”

Youngblood spoke before the supervisors Tuesday, letting supervisors know he wants to put an end to all medical marijuana dealings in Kern County.

The Sheriff has already stopped issuing licenses for medical marijuana shops because the issuance is against federal law, but not against state law.

Medical marijuana advocates also spoke to supervisors about their concerns with local dispensary closings.

Supervisors decided to keep the ordinance Tuesday, allowing pot shops in Kern County; however Youngblood doesn’t plan to renew pot licenses in December. Pot users are scared to re-open their shops because the Drug Enforcement Agency can still raid.

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