Party Of The Right

August 13, 2007

Jay Jochnowitz, State Editor, Albany Times-Union (NY)

Turns out Conservative Party members in New York are ok with marijuana — medical marijuana, at least — according to a new poll.

New Yorkers for Compassionate Care says a Mason-Dixon poll of 500 registered Conservatives in NY showed 55 percent supported a bill that would legalize marijuana for medical use, compared with 35 percent who opposed it. The bill has passed the Assembly.

The release from the group quotes a registered Conservative, Joel Peacock, who is said to rely on $36,000 worth of presciption drugs a year to deal with chronic pain from a 2001 car accident: “Support for this issue cuts across party lines. Addressing the needs of the suffering isn’t a liberal or conservative issue; it’s a matter of simple human compassion.”

The group also noted that earlier polls, including one by Siena Research Institute in 2005, have shown “strong, nonpartisan support for allowing medical marijuana.'’ 

Here’s the poll, which was done in mid-July and had a margin for error of 4.5 points. The Siena poll is here.

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