City firm on pot lawsuit

August 05, 2007

Will Bigham, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA)

CLAREMONT - Despite its vote last week to welcome a medical-marijuana dispensary to town, the City Council has shown no willingness to back down from its lawsuit against former dispensary operator Darrell Kruse.

The paradoxical situation puts council members in the odd position of denouncing Kruse's activity that led to the lawsuit - namely, opening last year without permission - while in the same breath acknowledging that he could one day be welcomed as the operator of the city's planned dispensary.

"I think the city has that case against him, and we're going to follow through with the judgment that's been levied against him," Mayor Peter Yao said. "He clearly violated city law - I'm not ready to excuse that."

Councilman Sam Pedroza concurred with Yao's judgment of the lawsuit, but said it would not factor into the city's willingness to consider Kruse, a Chino resident, as a future dispensary operator.

"He has just as much a shot at being the choice as anyone else if he meets the regulations," Pedroza said.

When the council took up the issue of medical marijuana at its meeting last week, Kruse spoke during public comment and pleaded with the city to drop its case against him.

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