Bad flashback: Pot shop re-opens, Sheriff threatens to call feds

August 06, 2007

, KGET NBC TV (Bakersfield)

Hours after a local medical marijuana dispensary re-opened its doors, crowds of people lined up to get inside.

American Caregivers Collective on Gilmore Avenue near Buck Owens Boulevard is the only pot shop in town that has re-opened.

Dozens of people lined up outside the facility to purchase pot.

The dispensary owner said since he closed two weeks ago, he has received more than 2,000 phone calls from people in need of marijuana.

“One person called up and said they lost 10 pounds and was unable to eat,” said American Caregivers Collective owner Jim McGowen. “We help a lot of people here. That's all we were trying to do ... There's a good crowd of sick people here this morning.”

Marijuana dispensaries are simultaneously illegal under federal laws and permitted in California.

McGowen said Sheriff Donny Youngblood knows the dispensary is back open, and told McGowen he plans on calling the feds to shut it down.

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