San Diego DA Meets With Drug Czar To Combat Drugs

July 08, 2003

, The SanDiego Channel

SAN DIEGO -- The director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, John Walters, (pictured, left), is in San Diego to talk about his program, "25 Cities Initiative," which will seek to coordinate efforts on reducing drug use in America's largest cites. He is also helping San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announce the formation of a new narcotics division. At the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center he toured exhibits of the latest drug-fighting technologies, including night-vision devises, digital wire tap systems, and computer systems that integrate tracking, surveillance and other tools which form solid cases against drug criminals. A small group of people gathered outside the convention center to protest Walters and the war on drugs, 10News reported. "If you want to get the money out, if you want to get the crime out, you make things legal. We learned that with alcohol prohibition years ago. The government still has not learned that lesson," said Steve McWilliams, a protester and proponent of medical marijuana. In response to the protesters, Walters told 10News that 62 percent of patients in drug rehabilitation are being treated for the use of marijuana.

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