Heated prescription pot users to sue county over canni-ban

July 29, 2007

, KGET NBC TV Bakersfield

Medical marijuana users said they will sue the county over the closure of local pot shops.

They’re angry because Sheriff Donny Youngblood, with the blessing of Board of Supervisors, has stopped issuing permits for the medical pot clinics.

State law allows the clinics’ operation, but federal law does not. After a series of federal raids by the Drug Enforcement Agency this month alone, all six local clinics closed.

''I will be back at 2 o'clock with a letter of intent to sue the County of Kern on behalf of the medical patients of Kern County for not allowing us safe access to dispensaries and forcing us to go back to the black market for our medication,” said medical marijuana patient Jeff Clark.

A similar suit is pending in San Diego and is expected to be the landmark case on the subject, but that case may not be decided until next year.

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