DEA serves 10 warrants in LA medical marijuana crackdown

July 25, 2007

, Associated Press

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration served search warrants at 10 different locations throughout Los Angeles County in connection with its crackdown on medical marijuana facilities.

The DEA’s Sarrah Pullen confirmed that one of the dispensaries is in the area of Santa Monica Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, but said she could not immediately reveal the other locations.

Since the warrants involve ongoing investigations, “all information is under court seal,” Pullen added.

Medical marijuana facilities are legal under state law, but not under federal law.

Today’s raids occurred as the Los Angeles City Council tentatively approved a temporary ban on the opening of new medical marijuana dispensaries. The city wants to enact the ban while officials draft an ordinance regulating the dispensaries.

“I am greatly disturbed that the Drug Enforcement Administration would initiate an enforcement action against medical marijuana facilities in the city of Los Angeles during a news conference regarding City Council support of an interim control ordinance to regulate all facilities within the city,” Councilman Dennis Zine said.

“This action by the DEA is contrary to the vote of Californians who overwhelmingly voted to support medicinal marijuana use by those facing serious and life-threatening illnesses,” he said. “The DEA needs to focus their attention and enforcement action on the illegal drug dealers who are terrorizing communities in Los Angeles.”

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