Medical marijuana bill in Wisconsin gets a shot in the arm

May 29, 2007

Danielle Kaeding, KUWS (WI)

Following Minnesota’s lead, Wisconsin legislators are taking on the issue of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

State Representative Frank Boyle says he’s optimistic medicinal marijuana will become legal because other states have paved the way on the matter.

“We have introduced the bill again. A Republican colleague that retired from the assembly introduced the bill two years because he had an experience with chemotherapy as a result of cancer. The pain was only alleviated by limited use of marijuana, and he became a believer.”

The Superior Democrat says there’s more support for the measure this time around.

“There’s a strong advocacy for it. They want me to release the bill in August. They’ll be prepared to do the lobbying and put a lot of pressures on my colleagues here to co-sponsor the legislation.”

Boyle believes that people can use marijuana effectively and wisely.

“I’ve had people testify that live here in Wisconsin that used marijuana during a difficult disease period of their lives with great relief. They testified that with no addiction.”

Boyle doesn’t want people to get the wrong message about why he’s supporting the bill.

“I’m not advocating legalization of marijuana, but surely there’s enough evidence for hundreds of years in medical journals forever that tout the benefits of using THC found by the smoking of marijuana.”

Advocates say the use of marijuana minimizes the pain from diseases like glaucoma, cancer, and AIDS.

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