Opening statements set for today in the retrial of marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal

May 14, 2007

, Associated Press

Opening statements are scheduled for today in the retrial of marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal.

The self-described "Guru of Ganja" is being retried in San Francisco federal court on five charges of marijuana cultivation and distribution.

Of the ninety members of the jury pool, 60% were dismissed because of strong feelings in support of medicinal marijuana.

Rosenthal was convicted of 3 felonies in 2003 for growing hundreds of plants for a city of Oakland medical marijuana program. He was sentenced to one day in prison on grounds that he reasonably believed he was immune from prosecution because he was acting on behalf of Oakland city officials.

A federal appeals court overturned his conviction last year because of misconduct by a juror. It also ruled against the government and said the 1-day prison sentence was fair.

Rosenthal doesn't face any more prison time even if he's convicted again.

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