South Australian Democrat Supports Medical Use Of Marijuana

April 25, 2007

Richard Bowden, All Headline News

South Australian Democrats MP Sandra Kanck has said she will introduce legislation to allow South Australians the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Ms Kanck said she will introduce a bill into the S.A Parliament which will remove fines for the possession of marijuana, if the person has a valid medical reason.

Ms Kanck said many medical conditions would benefit from the use of cannabis as a pain relief. "All drugs are dangerous and all drugs have side-effects but many of them can have medicinal benefits as long as their use is strictly controlled," she said to reporters.

"We already use morphine for pain relief. Tightly controlled medical marijuana is a commonsense way of reducing the suffering of many South Australians."

Ms Kanck said such laws already existed in 12 US states, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands.

Premier Mike Rann said he hadn't sighted the proposed bill but was wary about any bill introduced by the progressive Ms Kanck. "I've always had a policy over 21 years in parliament of never commenting on a Bill unless I see what the legislation says," Mr Rann said today.

"One would be particularly cautious about Bills from Sandra Kanck."

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