Publisher's Notebook: Medical Marijuana

April 04, 2007

EDITORIAL, Santa Monica Mirror

I heard from two of our highest officials why they oppose medical marijuana farmacies in Santa Monica. They fear the wrong people will get the drugs. Maybe we should shut down Longs Drugs.

Are the wrong people walking into Rite Aid and falsifying a prescription for Valium?

Any cursory exam of the medical marijuana farmacies in this state will show that the rules are quite stringent and that a legal prescription is required. The wrong people (those without prescriptions) will find it just as hard to get California Gold from a legal dispensary as they would to get Vicodin from CVS.

It is just another false issue raised so people can inflict their drug prejudices on all of us. The State voted yes, the City voted yes, now it is time for our city council to vote yes and allow medical marijuana farmacies.

And by the way, New Mexico just approved a medical marijuana statute as well. Governor Bill Richardson, candidate for President of the United States, signed the bill into law.

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