County approves state pot card fees

April 03, 2007

Mike A\'Dair, Willits News

Just weeks after approving an annual $142 fee hike for the state's new medical marijuana identification card program, the Mendocino board of supervisors unanimously approved a new package that lowers that fee by $76.

The new cost for the medical marijuana card will be $123 a year and $61.50 a year for medical marijuana patients who are on MediCal.

On February 27, the board by a 3-2 vote agreed to participate in the state's medical marijuana identification card program, at an annual fee of $199.

The fee change is the result of a policy change by the State of California.

The board's approval of the change was unanimous, with even medical marijuana identification card critics John Pinches and David Colfax voting for the change.

Pinches said that he was voting for the change because he thought that the new statewide card would "make it easier for people who use medical marijuana to take it to other parts of the state."

Pinches added that he believed the final solution for the marijuana question was to legalize it, regulate it and tax it. He said he would be sending a letter to the board to that effect, formally requesting the board begin to lobby state legislators to legalize marijuana.

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