Governor Bill Richardson Signs Into Law Medical Marijuana Act

April 02, 2007

Robert Paul Reyes, columnist, American Chronicle

From Jurist Legal News And Research:

"New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed into law the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act Monday, legalizing medical marijuana in the treatment of certain 'eligible conditions and symptoms.' Eligible conditions include chronic or debilitating diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma. The New Mexico Department Of Health will establish regulations for licensing, production, and distribution, to be monitored by a panel of eight health care professionals."

I applaud Governor Richardson for signing into law a measure that will bring immediate relief to people suffering from painful and debilitating diseases. There are now a dozen states that permit the use of medical marijuana.

Governor Richardson demonstrated a lot of courage; he is risking seeing his presidential ambitions go up in smoke. Hopefully ganja aficionados won't be too stoned to go out and vote for him.

Dennis Kucinich is another presidential candidate who supports legalizing medicinal marijuana, but he is a fringe candidate with no chance of being elected president. Kucinich could come out in favor of granting amnesty to illegal aliens from Mars, and he wouldn't get much attention from the media.

But I'm still waiting for a state that will pass a Recreational Use Marijuana Act, legalizing weed for the enjoyment and spiritual enlightenment of its citizens.

Marijuana is natural herb with magical properties, its only side effects are an overwhelming desire for Doritos and Ding Dongs.

The Good Book says, "Do all things in moderation", the occasional use of grass is a safe, healthy and sane alternative to alcohol and tobacco.


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