Bill Horn's crusade against medicine

March 30, 2007

Craig McClain, OpEd, North County Times (CA)

I'm writing in response to the San Diego County supervisors' choice in continuing their lawsuit against medical cannabis.

As we go into another year in our battle against the supervisors over medical cannabis, it has become ever so clear that this is a battle against hate and prejudice.

The county has no compassion for the patients who ease their suffering from horrible pain with cannabis. We are, for all purposes, disposable biomass in their minds with no redeeming value. They do not have the ability, or desire, to address the issue from a medical standpoint, only from their hate for a culture they despise.

I have tried to give Bill Horn respect and a chance for dialog, but to no avail. So I am asking for a debate or forum on this issue. He should not be able to cause so much suffering without recourse. This war of the supervisors is against all the progress made for the sick and disabled. If we have no dialog there is no chance for working together to make Propositions 215 and 420 work. Horn and the other supervisors have put their own hate and prejudice ahead of the will of the people of the county and state. As more patients die, others will rise to fill their voices. The supervisors have wealth, power and health on their side for now, but those things don't last forever.

As I watch patients disappear, fighting this with their last breath, I can't believe how bulldog tactics, like those Horn is propagating against those too ill or scared to speak out, are being used to steamroll over the lives of people who can't defend themselves.

Horn needs to step out from behind his wall of power. How is it that he can say Prop. 215 is a bad law and compare himself to Rosa Parks? As Rudy Reyes, a burn victim from the Cedar fire, said, "Bill Horn is the bus driver."

I truly believe that behind the Drug Enforcement Agency, our pharmaceutical and tobacco industries are pulling the strings of this puppet dance. All of those industries have blood on their hands to the tune of millions of lives. We must stand up to these people and not go quietly into the darkness.

My vote counted, and Bill Horn can't steal it from me. Stop this hate crime, as that truly is what it is.

For every counterculture human you see out there in dreadlocks and tie-dye, there are hundreds in wheelchairs and beds who can't be seen or are to ill to try. We patients want to see the cards issued, as state law says, and the dispensaries run the way they are supposed to: Co-ops growing for those who need that option and the protection that Props. 215 and 420 are intended to provide, by the will of the people of the state of California.

If Bill Horn wants to take the stance of a DEA agent, then he should step down, resign, and get a job with them! If he can't separate his personal prejudices from state law, he should step down and resign.

Again, I ask for a debate or forum on this matter with Bill Horn. Five minutes on a mike is not dialog or even an attempt to pretend to address this issue. I have my hand out, and I hope Bill Horn will just grasp it and let us begin to help instead of continuing on this path of pain and suffering.

Vista resident Craig McClain is a spinal-cord injury victim and owner of a Vista business, The Old Toy Soldier Home.

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