Montel urges legalizing medical marijuana

March 23, 2007

, United Press International

Talk show host Montel Williams told Connecticut lawmakers he uses marijuana every day to stave off the pain associated with his multiple sclerosis.


075em solid darkgreen; font-weight: normal; font-size: 100%; text-decoration: underline; color: darkgreen; background-color: transparent; padding-bottom: 1px;' href='' target='_blank' itxtdid='2981681'>Hartford Courant reported Saturday that Williams, 50, was the keynote speaker at a news conference organized by supporters of a bill that would allow residents with "serious medical conditions" to cultivate and use marijuana to ease pain if recommended by their doctor.

The Courant said the Emmy-award-winning television host told an audience at the Legislative Office Building: "I have been on everything. I've been on morphine to the point where it almost shut down my kidneys. I've been oxycodone. I've taken six to 12 of those in a day and found myself doing nothing but drooling in a corner and crying because I still hurt."

The Courant said the House Bill 6715, known as the Compassionate Use Act, passed the judiciary committee this week in a 32-8 vote and said it is expected to be reviewed by several other committees on its way to the state House for a vote. Connecticut proponents are optimistic about the bill's passage sometime this year.

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