Group promotes proposal to OK medical marijuana

February 22, 2007

Shantell M. Kirkendoll, Flint Journal (MI)

Marijuana cigarettes stacked in a prescription-labeled plastic tub were displayed Thursday during a news conference held by proponents of legalization of marijuana for medical use.

Flint voters will decide Tuesday whether to exempt those who possess or use medical marijuana under a doctor's care from being charged with a crime - although state and federal drug laws still would apply.

The news conference by Flint Citizens for Compassionate Care featured George McMahon of Texas, who receives 30 marijuana cigarettes a month through a

federal program coordinated by the University of Mississippi.

He said marijuana

relieves the pain and muscle spasms associated with nail-patella syndrome, a bone disease.

"It is medicine," he said.

He was joined by breast cancer survivor Barbara

Hoos of Burton, who said marijuana restored her appetite and relieved pain and nausea during her chemotherapy and an unrelated back injury.

"I took pill after pill and got sicker and sicker," she said of painkillers OxyContin and Vicodin, which made her tired and did nothing to help her eat. "Everyone who needs it should have access to medical marijuana."

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