Riverside to up fee for medical marijuana ID to $220

January 28, 2007

K. Kaufmann, The Desert Sun (CA)

 The cost for medical marijuana identification cards in Riverside County will jump from $100 to $220, but not until July 1. "It’s going to take us that long to get it in place," said Victoria Jauregui Burns, who heads the county ID card program. "We have to go through the county Board of Supervisors."

The Riverside increase was triggered by a statewide increase in the cost of the card--from $13 to $142--that goes into effect Mar. 1.

Medi-Cal patients generally pay half the full fee. The state increase for Medi-Cal patients will be to $50; in Riverside County, to $110.

For information on applying for a card, call 1 (888) 358-7932.

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