Ferry Plans to Fight Pot Dispensary

January 12, 2007

Kristopher Daams , The Signal

One of Santa Clarita's five city council members wants a local task force aimed at combating drug and alcohol use to fight a proposed medical marijuana dispensary reportedly making its way toward Castaic.

Frank Ferry said marijuana is an addictive drug and that he is "very wary" of the prospect of a dispensary being located outside of city limits in Castaic.

On Sunday, The Signal reported that a sergeant at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station had been contacted by an individual who said he is set to open a facility that distributes medical marijuana to those with a doctor's prescription in the Castaic area.

Medical marijuana is generally used among terminally ill patients to regain hunger and fight nausea.

But Ferry, who said he chairs the city's Blue Ribbon Task Force aimed at fighting teen drug and alcohol use, is afraid of local children gaining access to the substance from those that are legally able. Those that are genuinely terminally ill can "go somewhere else," Ferry said.

"If you want it, that's fine," Ferry said. "Go down to West Hollywood or somewhere else."

He said he and other members of the task force in the past would stand outside local stores that sell water pipes - sold officially for tobacco smoking - to make customers uncomfortable.

Ferry wants to do the same thing if a dispensary does ever find its way to Castaic. He said he'd stand there by the entrance to ensure the establishment is run according to the law.

"We will because I know for a fact (medical marijuana is) being abused," he said. "That's not an issue at all."

Ferry said the fact that he is not a Castaic resident doesn't matter. He said residing in the county would put him on equal footing on the city's unincorporated neighbors to the north.

"So if I don't want a facility in my valley, I have an equal standing as someone in Castaic," he said.

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