Claremont applies additional pressure on marijuana dispensary

January 23, 2007

, Claremont Courier

Last Friday, the city of Claremont served an injunction order on the medical marijuana dispensary in an effort to force it to cease business operations. At the same time, the city continues to fine Darrell Kruse, the owner of the dispensary, $500 a day for operating his business without a city-issued license. The fines began last Tuesday and have increased incrementally in price each day, eventually capping at $500.

When Mr. Kruse was initially refused a business license over the summer, he began operating his dispensary without the knowledge of the city. City officials have stated that they refused to issue him the license due to a lack of city code on how to regulate a marijuana dispensary.

The city later instated a 45-day moratorium on the operation of marijuana dispensaries with the hopes they could come up with a plan to either regulate dispensaries, allowing them to operate in certain areas and under controlled conditions, or bar them altogether in Claremont. The moratorium was later extended to one year, however city council has thus far failed to develop an ordinance to deal with the dispensary.

Councilwoman Ellen Taylor stated that city council does not yet know which direction it will take on the issue until more information comes to light.

“The federal government says one thing and the state says another, meanwhile the city is the one stuck dealing with them,” she said.

City manager Jeffrey Parker believes that the city will have an ordinance in place to deal with the dispensary within the coming year. 

“My guess would be sometime in summer or fall of this year,” said Mr. Parker.

The papers served to Mr. Kruse require him to appear in court Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing on the injunction.


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