Agents raid medical marijuana grower

January 18, 2007

Rob Piercy, KING 5 TV (WA)

Investigators raided members of a medical marijuana advocacy group called Canna Care, saying it was the home of a big-time drug dealer.

But resident Steve Sarich said it's a home of compassion, where cannabis plants are sprouted and given to people who are sick so they can grow their own medical marijuana.

"A lot of them bed ridden or in wheelchairs,” Sarich said. “They can't go down to University Avenue and buy a bag off the street."

When he's not tending plants at his “medicinal nursery,” Sarich and a friend have also been investigating what they call "unlawful and terrorist raids" conducted by drug task force groups on medical marijuana users.

"If they don't grow, they don't have any medication,” he said. “If they do grow, these local drug task forces come in and raid them and terrorize them."

A few days after submitting their investigation to state leaders, agents raided Steve's home Friday. They confiscated hundreds of seedlings, saying it was a major grow-and-sell operation.

Steve said he has a doctor's medical authorization for a 60-day supply.

"A plant this big, that's not in flower, is a zero-day supply of medication,” he said. “Whether you have one of them or 5000 of them, it's still a zero day supply of medication."

He says the real reason for the raid was the investigation of task force groups like West Net, the one that raided his house.

“It's a ridiculous claim -- it suggests that I would have a vendetta against someone I don't know,” said West Net detective Roy Alloway.

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