Much in store for Lakeport City Council

January 08, 2007

Tiffany Revelle, Lake County Record Bee

LAKEPORT -- The city council meeting is chock-full of issues of interest to local residents.

Some of these issues include a look at the city's approach to eminent domain, options for filling the city manager spot still temporarily occupied by Community Development Director Richard Knoll, an ordinance regarding the cultivation of medical marijuana within Lakeport city limits and an update regarding a golf course planned for Lakeport.

n Eminent domain

"Currently, the (city's) redevelopment plan does not contain any provision for eminent domain proceedings by the Redevelopment Agency," said Acting City Manager Knoll. The city will discuss whether or not to amend its redevelopment plan to include such a provision.


n City manager recruitment

City Attorney Stephen Brooks will bring options before the council regarding how to fill the city manager spot. Mayor Roy Parmentier recently identified the need to do so as a priority in his coming year as mayor.


n Marijuana ordinance

Mayor Parmentier also identified getting an ordinance in place that would prohibit the outdoor growing of medical marijuana inside city limits. That discussion may have result in action at tonight's meeting.


Knoll told the Record-Bee Monday that he will present his objections to the council tonight. "I do not support the proposed ordnance, because I believe the growing of medical marijuana is not a local land use issue, but is in fact a statewide public health issue, and that legislation should be developed at the state level," said Knoll. The proposed ordinance would impose limitations on where growers can plant medical marijuana inside city limits.

Citing an incident this summer in which a weapon was fired after one Lakeport resident went over a neighbor's fence, "presumably with the intent to steal the marijuana growing in his yard," Knoll expressed concern about putting CDD staff in jeopardy if put in the position of investigating a possible violation.

"My concern is that if this ordinance is adopted, my staff would be responsible for enforcement if someone was in violation of the ordinance. Traditionally, that has been a law enforcement responsibility as opposed to a Community Development Department staff responsibility," said Knoll.

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