S.D Supervisors to Decide Whether to Appeal Medical Marijuana Ruling

December 10, 2006

Kenny Goldberg , KPBS Public Radio (San Diego)

San Diego County Supervisors will meet in closed session Tuesday, to discuss whether to appeal a rejection of their lawsuit challenging California’s medical marijuana law. KPBS reporter Kenny Goldberg has the story.
Last week a Superior Court judge ruled against the County. San Diego County Counsel John Sansone maintains his side’s legal argument is strong. Sansone thinks an appeal could be successful, which would mean Californians would no longer have the right to use marijuana for any reason.
Craig McClain uses the drug to ease pain from a spinal injury.

 McClain: Well, that’s fine for him he’s not suffering. And God bless the man that he never has to suffer my pain, or anybody in his family never has to suffer my pain.

McClain says the County should drop the case. He’s like to see the County comply with state law, and issue ID cards to medical marijuana patient. Kenny Goldberg, KPBS News.

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