Arrests Made In Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid

October 19, 2006

, CBS News

(CBS) TORRANCE, Calif. A medical marijuana dispensary in Torrance was raided by federal agents, and several people who went there to sell marijuana were arrested, authorities said Friday. A search warrant was served at the Green Cross of Torrance in the 22900 block of Hawthorne Boulevard Thursday afternoon, Sarah Pullen of the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

Agents seized 70 pounds of marijuana during the raid, along with a shotgun and a small amount of currency, Pullen said.

The DEA made no arrests during the raid, but a short time later, some people were arrested while allegedly delivering marijuana to the dispensary, Pullen said.

"Though (Green Cross) purports to sell marijuana to individuals solely for medicinal reasons, there is probable cause to believe that the location sells marijuana to individuals who do not have any medical condition," Special Agent Joseph Bryson wrote in the affidavit, according to the newspaper.

Rafael Chavez told the newspaper that his co-op was established to offer safe access to marijuana for medicinal purposes.

"For the most part, I don't know what's going on, but I do think it's not good for all these patients that are relying on this," Chavez told the newspaper. "It's legal in California, and I'm being harassed by federal agents."

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