Local marijuana dispensary back open after FBI raid

October 06, 2006

Arnell DiMaandal, NewsChannel 3

A local medical marijuana dispensary is open again. Federal agents and local police raided the place on Wednesday.

Palm Canyon Caregivers was back in business today. They tell us a federal investigation is still ongoing. But this has nothing to with the business they're running.

"We've just been trying to do whatever we can. So we can open today at 11, which we did and we've been non-stop since then."

It's business as usual at Palm Canyon Caregivers and those who run this medical marijuana dispensary want to keep it that way. Unlike Wednesday, when federal agents and Palm Springs Police raided the place unexpectedly.

"We asked a lot of questions. We didn't get a lot of answers."

The DEA says employee Josh Aleck left marijuana edibles as a tip for one of the workers at Spa Resort and Casino.

"They didn't tell you what they were looking for? No. They said they're here to seize everything. That's it."

Authorities say what Aleck did was illegal distribution of narcotics. Caregivers manager says, Aleck doesn't work here.

"He was a relative of the owner and he is not employed here and we cannot discuss an ongoing investigation."

Wednesdays surprise raid over at Caregivers was such a concern for a lot of people that even the nearby dispensary, Capps, closed down

The people there wouldn't come on camera. But they tell us, they did it as a precaution.

Californians voted for medical marijuana in 1996 but the federal government still considers all cannabis illegal. Those who operate dispensaries say, they're going by the book, making sure everything's on the up and up.

"We operate legally and under the guidelines."

Palm Springs' medical marijuana task force met with local dispensaries and, its supporters to discuss Wednesday's incident.

Meanwhile, neither caregivers nor the DEA would comment on the on-going investigation of Josh Aleck.

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