Feds Raid Medical Cannabis Dispensary in SF

October 02, 2006


Federal police and drug enforcement agents raided a medical cannabis dispensary in San Francisco's Mission District Tuesday.

The raid took place at the New Remedies Cooperative.  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration loaded into a van computers, printers and boxes around one p.m.

Showna Gochenaur, executive director of the medical marijuana advocacy group Axis of Love San Francisco was at the scene. She told KCBS' Henry Mulak, "almost every car that pulled up, there were more DEA agents."

"They've been here for over three hours," she said.  "We saw them take out what looked to be an elderly patient in handcuffs."

Kevin Reed, the owner of the now-defunct Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary, was at the raid. He said several patients were lined up, cuffed, and taken away.

"At least half of the dispensaries in San Francisco are closing down because of (this) raid," he said.

According to a federal agent who did not give his name, but who drove away with U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan, the raid was part of a "large-scale trafficking" operation and also part of an ongoing investigation.

At least twenty protestors and members of the community stood outside and chanted "DEA, go away!" and "Patients rights!" on the street outside Mission Caregivers, at 1756 Mission St.

San Francisco police officers stood outside the door to the dispensary to create a "safety zone" for the federal agents.

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