Corona Tries To Say No To Medical Marijuana

August 01, 2006


Corona’s City Council will consider a 10-month ban on medical marijuana dispensaries using an emergency ordinance Wednesday. The ban would follow a 45-day moratorium already in place but set to expire Saturday.

City officials want the moratorium to give staff time to research laws related to medical-marijuana dispensaries and to see how other cities and counties are handling the issue.

California voters passed Prop. 215 in 1996, which approves marijuana use for medical purposes if it is prescribed by a physician.

However, some local and county government officials, including Riverside County, have said they are confused about conflicting state and federal laws.

The issue was raised in Corona when Healing Nations Collective, which helps patients obtain marijuana, opened its doors in May at West Grand Boulevard and Railroad Street. The city has since tried to close down the establishment.

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