Police to Request Medical Marijuana Crackdown in Ripon

July 08, 2006

Elizabeth Bishop, News10 KXTV (Sacramento)

Police will ask Ripon's City Council on Monday to regulate medical marijuana. They want to ban outdoor gardens and limit where and how much marijuana can be grown by patients with a doctor's card that allows them to use the drug.
The police department's proposal calls for limiting patients to 24 plants and restricting growing areas to fully enclosed spaces that can be locked.

Ripon police say they are aware of about six people in the city who have the necessary doctor's cards. However, they have found gardens throughout the city with as many as 50 plants.

In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, which allows patients to use marijuana medicinally.

If the City Council approves the limitations, members would have to take a second vote to enact an ordinance.

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