Medical marijuana supporters protest in Palm Springs

June 25, 2006

, KESQ News (Palm Springs, CA)

Medical marijuana supporters are speaking out in Palm Springs today. Twelve members of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project, also known as MAPP, held a demonstration in front of Congresswoman Mary Bono's office. The Inland Empire-based group is asking the congresswoman to vote "yes" on an amendment that would forbid the DEA from arresting medical marijuana users.

"In the past, last year when she voted against this measure last year, we sent her a letter asking her why she voted that way and she never responded," said MAPP Director Lanny Swerdlow. "18 letters were sent to her and she never responded."

The group also wants funds for research supporting marijuana treatment. Congresswoman Bono is currently in Washington, DC. No one from her office was available for comment.

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