Medical marijuana raid points local man toward Washington

June 15, 2006

K. Kaufmann, The Desert Sun

Last March, Garry Silva’s house in Sky Valley was raided by the Drug Enforcement Administration because he was growing medical marijuana for a collective that he said was legal under California state law. Silva said the injuries he suffered during the raid, including a broken and dislocated shoulder, have put him on heavy pain killers and severely limited his ability to work.

Sarah Pullen, DEA spokeswoman, said: “Our agents used proper procedures during the execution of the (raid). As of yet, there's been no formal complaint filed with our agency.”

Silva will not say whether he will take legal action against the agency, but on Saturday, he will board a plane to Washington, D.C., where Monday and Tuesday he will be lobbying lawmakers — especially Rep. Mary Bono, R-Palm Springs — to cut funding for DEA raids on medical marijuana users in states where the drug is now legal.

“If what happened to me can make a change so nobody has to go through it, it wasn’t in vain,” Silva said. “I made a difference.”

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