Drug Czar Blasts Medicinal Marijuana

March 23, 2006

Heather Ishimaru, KGO - TV (CA)

The Bush administration's point man on drug policy wants random drug testing in your child's school. John Walters was in the Bay Area Thursday to drum up support for his idea, but in a state that legalized medical marijuana, that may be hard to come by. California's Proposition 215 legalized medicinal marijuana.


Walters says it hurts children when it leads to production of pot-laced products that appeal to kids, like what was found in a large bust last week in the East Bay.

John Walters, White House drug czar: "Nobody says I need medicinal meth, medicinal crack, medical Jack Daniels. The fact of the matter is, and we have to have compassion for the sick and dying, but Prop. 215 is being used to suggest marijuana is good for you."

Dennis Peron, Prop. 215 author: "Marijuana is good for you. And I will not just suggest it, I know it. When my lover was dying of AIDS, wasting away, marijuana gave him an appetite."

Dennis Peron authored Prop. 215.

Dennis Peron: "It is not medical meth, not medical crack, it's medical marijuana we're talking about."

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