Supes to hold hearing on marijuana

March 05, 2006

Joann Groff, Porterville Recorder

A public hearing on extending a hold on medical marijuana dispensary permits for an additional period of 10 months and 15 days will be held at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Resource Management Agency wants more time to draft a zoning ordinance that would limit where dispensaries could be located. Currently, there are no restrictions.

“We came up with it initially because we wanted to establish some kind of zoning ordinance ... with the idea that some places might be appropriate and some might not,” said the county's media officer, Eric Coyne. “They are asking for more time to research and determine what they want to recommend for adoption.”

Initially, some ideas were to keep dispensaries a set distance from places like schools, parks or other places where children congregate.

The time period is the maximum allowed, and the RMA could certainly come back much sooner with a drafted ordinance.

“Ideally you want to do this once, and do it right,” Coyne said.

Other items on the agenda:

A public hearing on the request from the Human & Health Services Agency to approve the permanent $1 increase in birth certificate fees to take effect July 1. Also, to approve that the increase in fees be deposited into the County Children's Trust Fund.

Request from the Fire Department to approve an agreement with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to allow the State to provide the personnel, services and supplies to the County for the operation of the Fire Department for the current fiscal year.

Request from the Health & Human Services Agency to approve an agreement with the California State University, Fresno for student interns interested in volunteering to gain work experience in their selected fields at Health & Human Services Agency.

Request from the Resource Management Agency for authorization to apply for the Roberti-Z-Berg-Harris Urban Open Space and Recreation Grant for improvements and enhancements for Tulare County Parks in the amount of $592,533.

Request from the Resource Management Agency to accept the Network Assessment and Technology Strategy that was prepared by Callisma, Inc.

Update from the County Librarian on the Visalia Library Building Project.

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