Commission OKs medical pot plan

March 02, 2006

Suzanne Bohan, Oakland Tribune

Law enforcement officials here want dispensers of medical marijuana to serve as honest farmers who keep their harvest safely out of the public eye. Thursday night, the city's Planning Commission voted 5 to 1 to back their plan for keeping marijuana cultivation anonymously inside buildings, and banning storefronts selling pot.

"Some of this product is sold much like gourmet coffee," said Sgt. Alan Normandy, the South San Francisco police officer who spearheaded the new ordinance, speaking of medical marijuana dispensaries in other cities.

The proposed law, which now goes to City Council for a vote on March 22, requires any collective of individuals growing marijuana to cultivate the crops at least 500 yards from residential areas, and to raise the plants inside buildings to prevent theft by juveniles or drug dealers.

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