Medical marijuana faces Senate vote

February 28, 2006

Associated Press, WQAD - TV (IL)

Legislation allowing people with serious illnesses to use marijuana under a doctor's care is headed to the Illinois Senate for a vote.Committee approval today of Chicago Democratic Senator John Cullerton's bill is the first time the legislation has gotten this far in decades.


The measure would allow people with illnesses such as AIDS or muscular sclerosis to use marijuana to ease pain or spasms or stimulate appetite.


Julie Falco of Chicago eats three marijuana brownies a day to ease nervous disorders and depression from M-S she's had 20 years. Other medication has failed and she fears the stress from being arrested and jailed without marijuana to help.


Illinois passed a law allowing medical marijuana use in 1978 but it's never been implemented.


(The bill is SB2568. On the Net:

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