Judge 's decision closes medical marijuana dispensary in Atascadero

February 16, 2006

Nick Wilson, San Luis Obispo Tribune (CA)

A Superior Court judge ruled today against the Atascadero business that has been dispensing medical marijuana the past two weeks under a temporary restraining order.

The business, Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers, sought a preliminary injunction that would have allowed it to continue to operate until the city passes a planned ordinance regarding medical marijuana.

The city initially ordered CCCC to stop selling medical marijuana, but its owner fought the issue in court and won the restraining order for two weeks, which expired Friday.

The judge agrees that state law allows for the sale of medical marijuana (though federal law doesn’t), but said the Atascadero company was too "expansive" to be a caregiver.

Lou Koory, the business’ attorney, thinks that may leave the door open for operating with a set number of clients. A trial date is pending and this injunction doesn’t determine the merits of the case, Koory said.

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